Reducing Cost-to-Serve: Why Performance Data Matters

Why does performance data matter for improving financial performance and reducing cost-to-serve? In this webinar, we look at the real problems shippers face with measuring logistics service data and how to apply insights to drive cost savings actions with our partners at Isometric Technologies (ISO). Listen as we discuss how to gather effective information and how to use that data to improve your bottom line.

Featured Panelists:

Mitchell Lewis, CTB, Founder & President, Fetch Freight

Brett Lankford, CTL, Director of Strategy, Fetch Freight

Shawn Barker, Enterprise Account Executive, ISO

At Fetch Freight, we specialize in innovative, data-driven strategies offering the optimized solutions of next-gen technology with the hands-on, nimble service of a family-owned business. Partnering with Isometric Technologies (ISO) which provides neutral transportation performance intelligence enabling industry-wide service level benchmarks, dynamic scorecards and analytics.