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At Fetch Freight, we’re here to listen and collaborate. Partner with us and you’ll have an innovative team of logistics experts in your corner. Our approach to shipping merges insights from Fetch IQ, our AI-driven TMS with hands-on expertise, proactive problem-solving, and market insights. The outcome is an optimized cost-efficient solution for your company and a stress-free shipping experience for you.

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  • Track Shipments
    Real-time GPS Tracking updates every 15 minutes. Follow your shipment from the first mile to the last.
  • Review Sustainability and Emission Report
    Our analytics report enables you to drill down to identify sustainability opportunities. Contact your Fetch representative to discuss continuous improvement strategies.
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    View and download available documents, such as Bill of Lading and receipts.
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    Keep tabs on your aging invoice report and past due bills.
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Why Fetch?

Full Spectrum of Solutions

What is your challenge? Moving heavy loads coast-to-coast. Dynamic routing and equipment assignment to mitigate risk. Fulfilling regulation requirements. Worst-case scenario planning. Day-to-day route optimization. Just call us. We’re ready to help.

Proven Track Record of Reliability

Our numbers speak for themselves:
96.5% On-Time Delivery
99.8% Customer Retention

Verified Carrier Network

Never worry about who is hauling your freight. We’ve built a network of exceptional carriers. Each has been vetted with Fetch-Ready, our comprehensive compliance technology with two-factor identity verification.

Focused on Sustainability

Fetch Freight is a Tier 2 SmartWay partner. We assist our carriers with SmartWay compliance to drive sustainability best practices.

Family-Owned and Operated

Fetch Freight is a values-driven family business. Our actions are guided by integrity, honesty, and transparency. We believe in building strong relationships and providing exceptional support.

Case Studies

Customer Challenges resolved


A food distributor struggled to find consistent lift gate equipment for customers without docks.

Fetch Solution:

We proposed using box truck equipment instead of 53-foot trailers. Despite initial doubts about using smaller trailers, our customer realized it actually made economic sense. What was once a pain point became effortless with lift gates, pallet jacks, and driver assistance.


A food manufacturer navigating Walmart’s On-Time In-Full (OTIF) program to avoid fines and a strained customer relationship.

Fetch Solution:

We understood the weight of these penalties, and our customer was impressed with Fetch’s superior performance compared to other partners serving major food and beverage clients. By delivering on promises, Fetch is now a trusted partner in the customer’s OTIF mitigation program.


A food and beverage manufacturer needed to protect produce shipments during a winter storm in the Midwest.

Fetch Solution:

We quickly converted our customer’s lanes to reefer trailers, safeguarding the shipments from freezing and ensuring uninterrupted production runs. Our responsiveness to weather dynamics preserved the integrity of the customer’s supply chain.


A golf course equipment supplier required delivery of golf carts to PGA Tour events within strict timelines.

Fetch Solution:

Fetch had the tenacity to honor our commitment to the customer and ensure that their goods were delivered on time.


An industrial OEM faced the challenge of transporting their steel shipments when ocean containers were backed up and delayed at the Houston port.

Fetch Solution:

Fetch rose to the challenge, providing 10 trucks every day for three months without missing a single load. We maintained constant communication with the customer, including overnight, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring our customer’s success.