Fetch Freight Ensures Highest Compliance Standards in Carrier Vetting Process

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced that it is taking action to combat fraud within the trucking industry with a Registration Fraud Team aiming to combat scammers and the growing fraud. With more than $700 billion estimated annually in the U.S. freight business, the FMCSA’s Registration Fraud Team will focus on aiding those affected by fraud and implementing measures to prevent future incidents. 

“The formation of a specialized team to handle registration fraud is a critical step towards protecting our industry,” says Daniel Carmichael, General Manager of Fetch Freight. “This effort will not only assist victims but also implement preventative measures to safeguard all stakeholders.”

He also notes that while the initiative is a welcomed support, Fetch Freight continues to fine-tune its tools and technologies to mitigate risk. Through stringent guidelines in the carrier selection process, and an ongoing partnership with Highway, Fetch dedicates top resources to enhance security measures to give peace of mind to customers. 

Fetch’s partnership with Highway ensures working with carriers who are thoroughly vetted, reflecting a commitment to excellence and prioritizing the safety of customer’s shipments. In order to meet the stringent criteria for carrier selection, these comprehensive classifications ensure that only carriers meeting the highest standards are selected by Highway, contributing to a secure and reliable logistics partnership.

Furthermore, carriers must have an authorized operating status for property transportation and must not be subject to any active out-of-service orders. For carriers with a rating, a satisfactory safety rating is a prerequisite, along with an active safe operating status. Longevity is also a factor, as carriers must have at least 180 days of continuous authority. 

The meticulous vetting process ensures only partnering with the most reputable and dependable carriers on the road, giving our customers nothing but the best. When you choose Fetch as your logistics partner, you can rest assured that our carrier vetting process upholds the highest standards, ensuring the security and safety of your goods.