Understanding the Back Half of Summer Shipping

After Independence Day, the high demand for summertime food and beverages begins to wind down. This change is accompanied by a noticeable uptick in the back-to-school and retail sectors, and here are some ways you can prepare for the second half of summer:

  • Forecasting: Use historical data and market trends to forecast demand accurately for the upcoming season – parents and students start preparing for the new academic year, driving demand for school supplies, clothing, and electronics, so utilize data-driven forecasting and leveraging technology for your business planning. 
  • Inventory Management: Implement advanced systems to track inventory in real-time and adjust orders as needed, such as decreasing stock levels of seasonal summer items and ramping up inventory for school-related products.
  • Flexible Logistics: Ensure your logistics are adaptable to handle the changing volume and types of goods being transported. Prepare for fluctuations in demand with flexible logistics solutions.

Working with a brokerage partner like Fetch Freight can help you scale your transportation needs depending on the season, leverage technology to enhance your efficiency for resilience and agility to adapt to your ever-changing business needs.

At Fetch Freight, we are dedicated to helping you navigate these seasonal shifts efficiently. Let’s work together to plan ahead for your upcoming season.