The Impact of Hurricanes on Shipping & Logistics

Hurricanes pose significant challenges to the supply chain, causing delivery delays, operational disruptions, and increased costs. At Fetch Freight, we aim to help our customers navigate these issues effectively.

Hurricanes cause severe road disruptions due to heavy rainfall and high winds, resulting in millions of lost vehicle hours annually.  For instance, heavy rain can reduce driving speeds by up to 17%, while high winds can blow vehicles off course and scatter debris, further complicating logistics.

Hurricanes often lead to a surge in demand for essential goods, creating inventory challenges. Disruptions in manufacturing and distribution hubs can lead to reduced truck capacity and increased costs of raw materials, affecting the overall supply chain.

This not only delays shipments but also increases operational costs. The financial impact of hurricane-induced delays is substantial which can quickly add up, making it crucial for shippers to mitigate these disruptions. These costs accumulate rapidly, stressing the importance of proactive measures.  With forecasts predicting an increase in severe weather events, now is the time to weatherize your supply chain. At Fetch Freight, we collaborate with shippers and carriers to enhance visibility and manage delivery windows effectively to help you stay prepared and ensure your supply chain remains resilient in the face of hurricanes and other severe weather events.